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Strobist has over two thousand free articles on lighting -- including theory, practice and gear. It is the most comprehensive website devoted to lighting instruction in the world.

If you would like to learn in a more efficient visually-based medium, there are two DVD boxed sets available. These are the only two commercial products offered by

If you are a beginner, there is a full-day lighting seminar available on DVD. This is a start-from-zero course in lighting theory and practice. Released in May of 2008, Strobist Lighting Seminar is now in its sixth printing.

It's an 8-DVD boxed set featuring an entry-level session on gear, the full-day lighting seminar and eight bonus location shoots. It is $139.99, and a full description is here.

If you have some experience (for instance, you have experimented with flash, or read Lighting 101 and/or 102, etc.) I recommend you jump straight to Strobist's second DVD series, Lighting in Layers. It is a 7-DVD set featuring an immersive ridealong into six real-world shoots. In addition to higher production values, Lighting in Layers includes significant post/during shoot discussion, lighting diagrams and a series of talks on setting up your own photo ecosystem.

The 7th DVD contains all of the content on the first 6 discs, ready to drag-and-drop into your portable player if you want to study on the go. Released in 2011, Lighting in Layers is $159.99 (DVD boxed set) or $99.99 (download). You can find out much more about it, plus view a trailer and finished photos, here.

Either way, thank you for your support. The proceeds from the video series support the site and keep it growing, to serve as the best possible resource on small-flash lighting in the world.

-David Hobby


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